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Waihi Land Surveyors can assist you in locating existing boundary positions using our highly accurate survey equipment.

A redefinition survey may be required to locate the true boundaries of your property for building consent purposes, before erecting fences or to determine the extent of land before purchase.

By law, only a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor can identify and mark the precise location of the boundaries of your land.

Knowing the exact location of the boundaries of your land will help avoid expensive encroachment disputes and ill will between you and your neighbours.

We can help resolve:

  • Existing boundary problems.
  • Indicate or confirm the correctness of existing boundary marks.
  • Replace boundary marks which have been removed or disturbed.
  • Prepare legal survey data when necessary to document the location of the boundaries of your land.
  • Place additional marks to better delineate a boundary.
  • Advise yo uof possible remedies when boundary disputes or encroachments have occurred.